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    Fun Raiser

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    With the mission to support the ecosystem of 

    the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta Watershed

    And Fun Fundraiser for the 'Soul of the Delta' Documentary


    May 21-22-23, 2021

    Advocacy | Activism | Ceremony | Community | Music | Film | Education

    Live Press Video with Michael DiMartino 


    ~ Uniting Arts & Activism ~



    A participatory celebration of art, education, and activism 'Waterpalooza' draws its creative inspiration from a wide field of influences.


    We are unifying the Arts and Activism of dedicated Water Protectors
    from around the region to create solutions from our collective wisdom.


    Three Days of Events to Educate and Inspire Action in
    Opposition to the Multi-Billion Dollar Delta Tunnel Project.

    The festival is based at the Historic Ryde Hotel

    with pop-up events throughout the Delta

    Take a quick look inside the details of the upcoming event!



    Find out the true facts regarding the issues affecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta


    Come to the Waterpalooza Weekend Festival to celebrate & learn more about the vital Delta


    Join with other like-minded Water Guardians to create, build and maintain your circles of trust 

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    Even though COVID restrictions are relaxing and most of our venues are 

    outdoor spaces open for the public, we ask that you please follow precautions:


    Check on local conditions and/or call ahead for current information

    Situations may vary based on each businesses health concerns & protocol

    Please wear Face masks if they are required to enter a building

    Maintain a safe distance between yourself and other groups

    Wash your hands often with soap and water before and after contact

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

    Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze

    Most importantly, stay home if you feel sick