• 1) Raise awareness about the proposed Delta tunnel Water conveyance project.

    • 2) Create a higher level of community connectivity in opposition to the project.

    • 3) Help re-economize the region by providing support to the foundational businesses vital to the health, wholeness, and unique essence of the region.

    • 4) Raise money for the “Soul of the Delta” film scheduled for release in Fall 2021.


    Davis Vanguard Guest Commentary by Bob Saunders


    Interview with Michael DiMartino about the Waterpalooza Purpose

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    Celebrating the Sacramento River Delta

    3 Days / 5 Towns / 8 Events

    May 21-22-23, 2021



    Several All Day Pop-Up Events Venues

    Walnut Grove, Clarksburg, Courtland, Galt,

    Hood, Isleton, Locke, and Elk Grove

    Museum Tours, Winery, Taphouse, Nature Preserves, Farmer's Market


    Maidu Indigenous Cultural Presentation

    with Michael Allen Ramirez

    at the Stone Lakes Nature Preserve


    1920's Prohibition Era Party

    at the Historic Ryde Hotel

    Live Music by the Forgotten Fitzgerald Five

    Come in 1920’s era-specific attire



    Indoor and Outdoor Garden Party

    Fundraiser Party at the Historic Ryde Hotel

    2 stages, speakers, music, round table, films, food, and wine

    Saturday Evening Formal Dinner

    Sunday Morning Brunch Buffet
    (Must RSVP by Thursday, May 13th, 11 am)

    Help Fund 'Soul of the Delta' documentary

    Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

    The weekend events and a live Sunday broadcast

    Please share your Waterpalooza experiences at:

    Golden Road Productions Facebook


    Soul of the Delta' Documentary 


    The " Soul of the Delta" film is a human story exposing the potential social and 

    ecological challenges facing the Sacramento River Delta and the surrounding region.


    Indigenous Culture

    11 am - 1 pm 

    Saturday at Stone Lakes Nature Preserve

    "Our Relationship to Water"

    Michael Allen Ramirez

    Konkow Maidu, Wintun, Hupa, Yurok, and Nisenan

    "As a California Native American, I'm doing my part to make sure our story and history doesn't disappear."

    12 pm - 12:30 pm

    Sunday in the Ryde Garden

    "Opening Blessing"

    Alicia Baughman

    Pomo Cloverdale Rancheria

    "Daughter of Carmen Stra and mother to Lovela Noel (Pomo-Maidu), we will share messages of the changing times, plant medicine, stories, and cong for hope and love.




    (Kids of all ages)


    Come play with us for a purpose!

    We are our children's Future



    Why does the Vitality of the Sacramento River Delta Matter?

    Watershed Wisdom / Resilient Ecosystems / Food Security

    • The Sacramento - San Joaquin  Delta is the largest freshwater tidal estuary on the West Coast;
    • Draining a majority of California's Watersheds, the Delta is also filtering sediment and pollutants;
    • The abundance of Source Water flowing into and through the Delta has been the primary force utilizes for enabling California to become the world's fifth-largest economy;
    • A major stop on the Pacific flyway, the Delta's diverse habitats are home to over 200 bird species.      The ecosystem also supports wide biodiversity of plants, animals, and fish;  
    • Many fish species are dependent on the Sacramento River both as a resident habitat and as a nursery for oceanic species: i.e. 4 runs of Chinook salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, delta smelt, native trout, etc.
    • A growing population of 23 million + humans relies on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed.
    • This uniquely sensitive estuary is the hub of California’s Water supply, providing fresh water to 2/3 of the state’s population and millions of acres of farmland, supplying food for a big portion of the world.
    • The Delta is already severely compromised from drought, erosion, mismanagement, existing flow diversions,  toxicity from legacy mercury, agricultural runoff, and many other issues.
    • The proposed tunnel would divert water from the Sacramento River BEFORE freshwater enters the Delta and sending our Water away to the south, fueling more development and corporate agriculture. 
    • This neglect of nature's laws could potentially trigger a cascading ecological system collapse and fatally jeopardize the future of the very treasure that has made California what it is for eons. 
    • California needs a comprehensive whole-system management plan to not only protect the ecological integrity of the Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta, but the ecological integrity of the entire Watershed.
    • In order to provide safe Water for ALL Life in the Watershed, this plan needs to consider nature-based solutions starting with conservation, resilient land management, and habitat restoration on a massive scale, especially flood plain restoration in order to reclaim and regenerate Land and Water;
    • The plan must also include ALL stakeholders to intelligently manage the adverse impacts of rampant development and the dangerous commodification of the Water 'market'.  
    • Simply stated, diverting the amount of Water projected from this $17 billion Delta Conveyance Project could destroy what remains of the Delta;

    • We need to initiate the conversation for the sake of ALL LIFE and to benefit future generations. 

    All Life is reliant on WATER being present and pure.



    Ryde Historic Hotel & Restaurant

    14340 CA-160, Walnut Grove, CA 95690
    For reservations and information


    (916) 776-1318


    Ryde Hotel History

    Ryde Hotel Promo

  • MAPS

    Waterpalooza in the Sacramento Delta

    (Click the above map for Google Maps)

  • Sacramento - San Joaquin - Tulare Historic Natural Watersheds

    An 1873 map showing the river systems of the Central Valley

    with wetlands marked in gray. The Delta was the largest area of contiguous, perennial wetlands in pre-development California.

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