Thank You for Protection the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta

    and for Supporting the 'Soul of the Delta' Documentary

    Produced by Golden Road Productions

  • Contribute your energy & actions!

    Every Drop Counts!



    Þ   Comprehend how interconnected the health of the Delta is to all of the life that depends upon it.


    Þ  Research & educate your family, friends & associates on the true facts about the critical Delta issues and how the proposed tunnel could impact the Delta's delicate ecological balance forever.


    Þ Understand how the vast net of Water extraction special interest endangers the future not only of our Watersheds but our children & grandchildren.


    Þ  Know that *67% of the people most affected -those living in Sacramento County and in the Bay Area - strongly oppose the Delta Tunnel.


    * Source: Goodwin Simon Strategic Research - 01/01/2021

    Re: California Voter Attitudes on the Delta Tunnel




    Þ  Give Your Pledge


    Þ Attend Waterpalooza and other Water advocacy events - invite your friends & your friend's friends. Spread the word & share updates on social media.


    Þ Know who your city council, water board, & state legislators are & how to contact them. Most lasting global policy change begins local first. Write them.


    Þ Public comment is important: talk to people, be sure to be informed & prepared with information. 

    Þ  Take personal responsibility to change the world around you by the choices you make. Support the businesses that are committed to protecting our Source Water and the Earth.

    Þ  Show up, contribute, be positive, present solutions.



    Þ  Train yourself as an effective Water advocate & steward for your local area, the Delta, & our world's biodiversity.


    Þ  Build relationships with other Water Stewards and advocacy organizations to create networks of support for bioregions. 

    Þ  Be coordinated & organize. Team up with other like-minded people to attend meetings together, learn from, and together form a support network.

    Þ Join networks such as Voices of Water, the Sacramento River Watershed Project, and Water Protectors Tour to further develop our capacity as change agents.

    Þ  Together we can be courageous to call out entities/people who are doing the damage & causing the destruction, together we can insist upon their accountability.

    Þ  Working for resilient, regenerative communities we can create Water steward-themed films, media, local and live-streaming events, and updates furthering our education.


    Þ  The goal is to actively protect the invaluable essential nature of the Delta - as an ever-evolving whole system - while enhancing the cultural, recreational, and agricultural assets of the Delta for present & future generations.


    Þ  Thank you for caring enough to contribute!

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