• ~ NOTICE ~

    There will be no walk-up ticket purchases, all tickets will be purchased through Eventbrite.

    Ticket purchasers must pick up their physical ticket badge at the Ryde Hotel.

    Please take a photo of your electronic ticket to pick up your physical ticket.

    Please note that there are areas in the Delta that don’t have cell phone reception,

    so you will need to show your physical ticket at each event to receive discounts and/or entry.

  • Friday 7 pm - 10 pm

    Private Pirate Party
    VIP Tickets & Staff Only

    Saturday 10 am - 5 pm Pop Up Events

    Covers Ten Different Locations

    Saturday 8 - 12 am

    The 1920’s Prohibition Era Party with
    Live Music and Drinks

    Sunday 11 am - 6 pm

    Garden Party - Ryde Hotel

    Weekend Pass

    Does not include Dinner, Rooms, or Brunch
    Dinner at the Ryde Hotel

    Weekend VIP Pass

    Includes Friday Pirate Party, Saturday Pop-ups and
    Sit-down Dinner at Ryde Hotel,
    Sunday Garden Party with VIP Parking, Food, Drink & more!


    6 pm to 8 pm

    Saturday Evening Formal Dinner at the Ryde Hotel
    $25 RSVP / 3 Meal Options

    10 am - 12 noon

    Sunday Morning Brunch at the Ryde Hotel

    $27.95 RSVP Buffet Style
    $13.98 Children Under 10 and Under

    You must make Reservations

    (RSVP Deadline Thursday, May 17th by 11 am)
    Tina (916) 776-1318


    Rooms at the Locke B & B

    Friday - Sunday
    (festival discount)

    Martha (916)776-1000

    Link to Delta Camping

    Brannan Island State Park allows tent camping.

    The rest accommodate RVs and have cabins.